Sensitive Audit quantum diagnostics

The next-generation bioresonance quantum diagnostics device is designed to assess and restore the standard of health.

The bioresonance device combines the advantages of Sensitiv Imago computer diagnostics devices and is equipped with additional modules to perform quantum diagnostics of the body, which opens up new sections for testing. This provides for a more detailed and comprehensive detection of disorders and helps restore health to a brand new level.

The biofeedback is partially similar to business class 530 and 535 models, but both the scheme and the algorithm have undergone sweeping changes. The motherboard and all the peripherals have been completely redesigned to meet the US and EU certification requirements, as well as requests coming from device users.

The quantum complex appears as a combination of technologies that allow revealing diseases at symptom-free stages with high precision. Biofeedback and the Lifestream program identify changes in the body at the cellular level before some serious malignant changes occur. The system is able to diagnose and identify the causation and incidence of malignant processes, find the cause of a disease and, most importantly, calculate the mathematical probability of recovery using any treatment option.

Sensitiv Audit 550 and 555 specifications

The models have the form of a transformer which allows changing equipment configuration and hardware capability. At least six additional modules can be connected to the core one, that enhance the device's capabilities using other methods.

The program includes the following calculations:

  • determining disease development probability with a one-to-five-year forecast
  • determining the activity of bacterial flora and microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) and their localization
  • detecting allergens and harmful dietary supplements contaminating the body