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SensitivE Audit health level assessment devices are the premium segment in the range of SensitivE diagnostic tools. The device uses the advanced LifeStream® program and is able to run complete diagnostics of a human body in a short space of time, without any harm to health.

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The device can:

the SensitivE Audit can do the following with a 97-percent-accuracy
Alfa-Med LLC


The Alfa-Med LLC company has been producing diagnostic equipment since 2001 and has its own research and production capacities in Moscow, Zelenograd, Novosibirsk, as well as offices in Europe and the United States of America, cooperates with a number of leading world research and medical institutes.

This allows us carry out a full range of experiments and tests using our equipment to ensure its quality and efficiency.

About the method

The operating principle of SensitivE Audit is based on the methods of frequency-wave imprinting and biomagnetic resonance. The approach falls back on the theory of electromagnetic fields in living organisms. Any cell is argued to create an individual electromagnetic field around itself with a specific oscillation frequency. All the epigene processes in the body, allergy agents and toxic substances also provide oscillations with their range. Under their influence, the balance of the healthy cells' field is disturbed with a frequency deviation. The frequency shift magnitude directly depends on the depth of pathological changes and biosystem imbalance as of the moment of the study. The imprinting mechanism quickly captures the changes and fixes them at the cellular level, despite their being pathological and even harmful. Read more...

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