Hardware and software package

Has the form of a transformer that allows you to supplement and improve the basic set with different modules, as well as a greater number of reference processes with corrected frequency spectra, which provides for substantially increasing testing accuracy. In order to more thoroughly and comprehensively detect disturbances in the body and the ability to restore health at a new qualitative level, we have developed additional modules to help the specialist. The unparalleled character of this complex is that there are several types of diagnostics at once. This is due to the possibility of connecting additional modules to the basic unit. Modules function independently of one another, they can be connected in any designated sequence, individually or all at once, as the circumstances require. Each module has its own specific sensors to measure physiological parameters. Interface unit.

Complete package includes:

SensitivE Audit Interface unit

The SensitivE Audit basic set is functionally similar to Sensitiv Imago 530/535 with its work based on the frequency-wave method of studying the physical and energy state of a person, briefly the frequency-wave imprinting method. SensitivE Audit is classified among premium-class devices.

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TempoHeart module

The work of the TempoHeart module is based on the method of scoring the heart rate vegetative regulation. Analyzing the heart rate variability one can determine the total activity of regulatory mechanisms, the relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, the level of stress.

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TempoLab module

The pyrometric measurement method helps noninvasively obtain 85 biochemical parameters of peripheral and hemodynamic blood composition, as well as a variety of information about the oxygen transportation in the blood, the cardiovascular system activity, affiliation with the hematopoietic, immune and enzyme systems of the body.

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DynamicBIA module

This module allows analyzing tissue conduction and microcirculation defects by means of certain dosed stimuli. DynamicBIA can also reveal hidden foci of tissue conduction disorders and their influence on the studied object's functional reserves of adaptation.

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LineBIA module

This module provides for obtaining the following: unbiased findings on the human body quantitative composition, linear control and timely correction of nutrition programs in clinical practice and sports medicine, an unbiased assessment of physical conditioning and nutrition, analysis of water-salt metabolism, analysis of the state of water-salt metabolism during the period of adaptive changes in the human body, under changing weather conditions.

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NeuroStim module

Neurovegetative stimulation is a technique that improves health and quality of treatment and includes two highly effective treatment options: chromotherapy and auditive stimulation. The module uses individual pulsating sound and light signals to produce a specific emotional response from a person, whether it be energetic activity, meditative state or drowsiness.

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