Authorized distributors

You can buy the original device only from authorized representatives around the world. We ask you not to risk your health and not to support the sale of fakes, and if you are faced with poor-quality goods feel free to write to us about it immediately, we will exchange your device for an authentic specimen at a discounted price!

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Russia Ltd “Alfa-Med”


115419, Moscow, st. Shabolovka, 34

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Korea Distributor office

01811, Seoul, Nowon-gust, Gongneung-ro 232

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Portugal Distributor office

01110, Lisbon, Rua B1

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Ukraine Alfa-Med LCC

02095, Kyiv, st. Sribnokilska 12, off. 118

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USA Trade Office

11747, NY, Melville, Springs Drive 26

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