Health for everyone

Not only can a doctor work with the device, but there are modules in the program, the interpretation of which can cause difficulties with users having no medical education.

Nevertheless, the device is perfect for home use to monitor your health and the health of your loved ones and to seize the opportunity to visit a specialist.

For your convenience, we run training courses so that you acquire the basic skills of working with the program and can to independently perform health diagnostics.

But remember that it's up to the doctor to make the final exclusion!

We don't thrust anything

When buying a complete set at once, you save a lot. This is a definite advantage if you have already familiarized yourself with the previous models or know exactly what particular set of functions you need.

For new users, we recommend buying the basic set first, and when you master at least 60 percent of its features (you will be surprised how much it can do!), you will buy more necessary modules and expand the diagnostic capabilities.


As up to the present moment, we have not charged for the updates and do not plan to change our policy. However, to update the software you need at least six months of experience of using the device.

Without detriment to health

The mission of Alfa-Med is to prevent diseases, not to treat them, so when developing our equipment, we pay special attention to the safety of human health. Our methods are absolutely safe, but under the terms of certification we are obliged to declare that pregnant and lactating women, children, pacemaker carriers, persons having epilepsy cannot be examined with the help of our devices, since no special tests have been conducted as to the above-mentioned population groups.

It is important that SensitivE Audit tests are completely painless and no special preparation of the patient is required.

Accuracy of testing

The accuracy of our devices reaches up to 97 percent not least because of the accepted quality control indicator 5SI. Frequency-wave imprinting can identify a health problem at the early stages, whereas other techniques see an already existing process. Consequently, a chance will appear to help the body without medication.

Doctors prescribe treatment

Despite the fact that you can use the device even at home, it should be realized that the right treatment should be prescribed by a doctor after a correct interpretation of indications of similar processes. The device can only recommend and help in the process of treatment or recovery, warn about possible future diseases and help avoid them. In case a disease is detected, treatment is prescribed by a doctor proceeding from his knowledge and/or the results of diagnostics, his qualifications, as well as the information provided by us. These requirements are stipulated in the legislation of most countries.

This type of diagnostics by no means replaces conventional medicine, laboratory tests and professional medical advice.

Duly authorized representative

OOO Alfa-Med, the developer of the device and software, is located in Moscow. The company owns production facilities, patents, as well as various trademarks. In particular, the production of the SensitivE Audit and Sensitiv imago model range also belongs to this company. Its website contains an exhaustive list of official distributors. When buying devices from official representatives, you get the original product and protect yourself from fraud. Please attend! Sellers not listed among official distributors are not supplied with original devices from OOO Alfa-Med.

Taking care of reputation

More information about how to recognize fraud you will find in the article with numerous photos of fake devices represented. These photos were made as expert materials for court proceedings.

The best way not to get a fraud is to buy the device from our regional dealers and distributors.

If you have bought a device's imitation after all, we will still help you. We take care of our reputation. Some unscrupulous users, working with fake devices and giving false and sometimes absurd information, disrupt our image. In order to prevent this, we buy out counterfeit devices, partially compensating for the purchase of legal ones. To learn about the conditions of goods exchange or to report counterfeit products, please contact our specialists.

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